IMYM Faith & Practice Committee

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Our current IMYM Faith and Practice (released June 2009) is available as a downloadable PDF (Faith and Practice) or can be ordered as a print copy from Western Friend for $15 with $4 shipping.

Faith & Practice Revision Process 

The IMYM community is in the process of revising our Faith & Practice through a multi-year discernment, writing and approval process.  We have a Faith & Practice Committee (current members) and continue to form Content Working Groups based on Friends feedback (initially: Relationship with Earth and Families). 

The committee has now made the full text of the existing (2009) Faith & Practice available online in a form that accepts comments.  Friends can now directly post comments, revisions and suggestions to that document by going to

If you would like to become active with the committee’s work, we encourage you to express your interest to the Committee by writing to us with your ideas, suggestions, interests, working group areas of expertise and/or concerns at If you would like to be considered for service on the committee, please contact the IMYM Nominating Committee or your Regional Nominating Committee to express your interest in serving.

Documenting our Progress 

Our Faith & Practice revision process and progress can be directly experienced through reports and other documents that have been created along the way.  This list of relevant documents is arranged with the newest document at the top.